5 Reasons Your Pastor Prays for You to Learn Relationship Skills

Your pastor is praying for you to learn relationship skills.

At Life Model Works, we talk about 19 specific relational brain skills. Although your pastor may not use the same terminology we do, they are praying for you. Here are five of the skills they are praying God develops in you.


Your pastor prays for your maturity, so you grow and express Christ in the most appealing, relational way possible. Your pastor wants you to be a living example of earned maturity (Skill 8) so you rest, remember what satisfies, and remain a non-anxious presence. Your pastor prays for you to be a beacon of hope in your community.


Your pastor prays for your character (Skill 6). Your pastor prays you reflect Christ to a world that watches and wonders if you are different. Your pastor wants you to persevere with love, patience, kindness and every piece of fruit from God’s spiritual basket.


Your pastor prays for your joy (Skill 1), so you reflect the Almighty God, who is glad to be with people. Your joy keeps relationships bigger than problems. Your pastor knows the pain that pierces families when problems become bigger than relationships within a church community. Joy gives you strength.

Return to Joy

Your pastor prays for return to joy skills (Skill 11), so you consistently practice what you preach. You need training to stay grounded and graceful in each of the big six negative emotions. Return to joy skills sustains you in times of fatigue and distress.

Interaction with the Living

Last, your pastor prays for you to interact with the Living God (Skill 13) and demonstrate this reality in a most life-giving way. Forgiveness flows from seeing others as God sees them. You can share this good news with every person who comes your way.
While your leader may not recognize these traits as “relational brain skills” the presence or absence of these skills are deeply felt by the leadership in your church.
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