Tomorrow's Roundtable: Special Guest and a Big Contest!

Tomorrow at 12 Eastern is our East Coast Roundtable Joystream!

Roundtables are a special twice-a-month interactive conversation between you and other joy-starters across the world. Our next Roundtable will feature Anna Kang and Sungshim Loppnow, two of the co-authors of Joyful Journey.
These exuberant ladies have hearts filled with hope and truth and want to have time with you.
We want to hear your stories of interactive gratitude and listening to the Lord though Immanuel Journaling. Register now to join the conversation.

Special Contest: We want your reviews!

After our upcoming Joystream, we will be giving away a three-pack of Joyful Journey! Joy starts best in groups, so use this tool to grow in your relationship with God and others through Immanuel Journaling.
To be eligible to win:

  1. Order a copy of the book for yourself in digital or print
  2. Join the upcoming Roundtable on May 5th.
  3. Give an honest review of the book on Amazon

Winner will be chosen at random from those who participated in the Round Table AND review the book on Amazon.
Winner will be announced on the next Roundtable on May 19th.

Register here for the May 5 RoundTable

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