Update from South Korea: Chris Coursey in Jeju

I just finished my first day of teaching with counseling students in the YWAM school here in Jeju, South Korea and I must say, the results are great!
The class was engaged and enthused over what they were learning. Since my previous visit in Jeju, I was here last June, I can see a big change in many of the staff members who were previously students.
I see more smiles, more laughter, more life on their faces and more peace in their interactions.
What a gift it is to see these joyful changes in my Korean brothers and sisters. Many who were here when I visited last have put into practice the Life Model training they received, and have reaped the benefits of joy in their lives and relationships.
Following my first session today I met with some of  the staff members for lunch and here is what they shared.
“Thank you for your teaching and exercises on joy; I have worked on growing more joy in my life and it has made a real difference!”
“The Joyful Journaling you shared last time has changed my life and my relationship with God. I am excited for you to share this with the students this week.”
“Thank you for putting us at ease; we feel we can rest with with you and be ourselves!”
My friend and one of the authors of Joyful Journey, Sunsghim Loppnow, was here recently introducing many concepts from the new book.
I can see much fruit from Sungshim’s teaching and I look forward to observing  the transformation that happens when a group of motivated students engage Immanuel and learn new gentle protector skills.
With each new day comes an increase in momentum for the counseling students here at the YWAM base in Jeju, South Korea. Last night I spoke to 250+ students and staff members about returning to joy including how Immanuel is with us and what this reality means for our lives.
I gave the group some practice interacting with Jesus and it was as though a wave of calm and peace flowed over the room. There was laughter, smiles and tears as people took a moment to interact with the Living God.
Nations are represented here so one can only imagine where these seeds may land! The fun is just beginning in Jeju!
As for my class, the group continues to learn some of the basic gentle protector skills along with Immanuel Journaling exercises from the Joyful Journey book, which has been a most remarkable tool for the class.
I have introduced basic tools for Immanuel Prayer and yesterday I provided a short demonstration with a volunteer to show what it looks like to practice with someone. The class was eager to see it “live” and after finding a volunteer the interaction proved to be meaningful.
The courageous missionary experienced Immanuel in a personal way and afterwards she said, “I didn’t know it could be this easy and for years I have been trying to interact with Jesus like this.” Both she and her husband had tears in their eyes.

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