Sendoffs and Snowdrifts Swirling In South Korea

Here’s another update on Chris Coursey’s trip to Korea.
Few things are as satisfying and rewarding as watching people encounter the living God for the first time.
I enjoyed training students and staff members with the skills to thrive at the YWAM base in Jeju. My time ended smoothly and for my next adventure I was scheduled to travel to the mainland city of Daejeon for 2 days with local pastors and YWAM leaders at Sansung Church.
Before I could depart for my destination, I was met with snow – lots and lots of snow. A severe storm threatened to ground me at the Jeju airport and, similar to Moses at the Red Sea, I prayed for God to intervene.
After 5 hours of delays, I was flying the friendly skies singing praises to the God who sees, hears and understands. I later discovered my flight was one of the last out of Jeju because of snow – the worst snow storm the island has seen in over 30 years!
Many flights were still delayed 2 to 3 days later so I was grateful I made it to Daejeon when I did otherwise I would have missed my opportunity to meet an amazing group of pastors and leaders.
I was excited for this next step in my travels because I had 2 full days to train local pastors and YWAM leaders to start joy, learn basic gentle protector skills, and practice the Immanuel Lifestyle along with Immanuel Journaling based on the book Joyful Journey.
As in Jeju, I watched these leaders soak up the training and apply it to their lives first before training others.
After the first day one young pastor approached me and said, “Thank you for your exercises and teaching; I found it very encouraging and hopeful. Every day of my life I cry tears of sadness and I don’t know why. For the first time I now feel like Jesus is with me, and He spoke to me!” I wish you could have seen the pastor’s face glowing with joy.
Sansung Church is a growing church and one of the few places where YWAM students can be trained on weekends while they work their jobs during the week. After 2 meaningful days I was preparing to leave Sansung.
A big smile appeared on my face and warmth filled my heart as I reflected on God’s faithfulness and the generous love and gracious hospitality I received from my new friends.
Before I left on the bus for Seoul to fly home, a pastor approached me and said, “The Life Model is just what we Koreans need. The suicide rate here in South Korea is one of the highest in the world and men especially do not know what to do with their emotions.
People are hurting. Thank you for bringing this life-giving work to our community!”
The Life Model is making a difference in the lives of Korean leaders, families and communities. I pray for every planted seed to take root and multiply.
As I write this update I am now on my way to Fort St. John, BC Canada to lead Joy Rekindled and Reach Your Potential with Joy retreats hosted by my friend and ministry leader Kathy Walker.
I return home just in time for Thrive Training in Austin, Texas. This is an exciting time and I feel honored to be a part of spreading God’s joy. Now I am praying for you to be a joy-starter right where God has planted you!

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