What It Feels Like To Be In A Room Full Of Joy For A Week

I have enjoyed a most incredible week watching relational joy pop up at the Thrive Training event in Austin, Texas. Much like kernels transforming inside a popcorn maker, people are bursting with joy. You should see the smiles in this place!
Friends, prayer partners, parents, spouses and leaders from around the country are interactively engaged in brain-based exercises learning the nineteen skills. I see the signature of joy in the conversations, interactions, energy levels, expressions and testimonies.
Words fail to fully convey the transformation that’s taking place here. Attendees are actively telling stories, building face to face joy, practicing quieting skills, learning overwhelm recognition and interacting with Immanuel. There is something special in a group of Christians who earnestly desire a full, abundant life in Jesus Christ.
One attendee shared, “I wish all my family members could be here to taste this training!” Another said, “Thrive is the missing piece I’ve been searching for!”
Lives are being changed.
Relationships are growing.
Pain is being processed. People feel hopeful.
I pray for every one of you to experience this true, relational joy.
Our next opportunity for an experience like this will be at the upcoming 2015 Annual Gathering event in April on Sustaining Joyful Relationships for a Lifetime and the July Thrive Training for bonded pairs to practice their joy skills.

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