Insecure? Learn How to Sync Up With Others!

We all need to feel safe and secure. That’s why we teach people a skill we call “Synchronize Attachments” at Thrive. When you synchronize attachments, you can share a mutual state of mind with others that will bring you closer, as well as help you move independently.
Imagine feeling free to be yourself because the world is a safe place! You are no longer restrained by fear or the compulsion to conceal your feelings. This skill prepares us to engage the world with confidence, resilience, resourcefulness and creativity.

Characteristics of Skill Three “Synchronize Attachments”

  • Sharing and respecting another’s signals and limitations.
  • Expressing feels, thought and words equally.
  • Allowing another person to experience personal space.

Results of Practicing Skill Three

  • The formation of a “mutual mind”.
  • The feeling you are connected, understood and valued.
  • The development of deep bonds with others.
  • A true sense of security.

Consequences of Failing to Establish Skill Three

  • A loss of identity
  • Lack of security
  • Pain
  • Isolation
  • Rejection
  • Grudges, fear, resentment disconnectedness and self-centeredness
  • Selfishness
  • BEEPS become our reality.
  • Need to compete with others.

Skill Three is one of the more underestimated nineteen brain skills. From the onset of life, Skill Three glues us to the person who loves, feeds, comforts, and protects us.  Our identity expands with the introduction of each new joyful relationship.
Attunement, recovery and face to face interaction with others builds our character, heals our wounds and increases our maturity.  Skill Three, a bond between two people, provides the ideal foundation to learn the nineteen brain skills.

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