The Fun of Joy and Rest

My oldest son Matthew is now in school full days, so I try to find meaningful ways to connect with Andrew when he is home. Andrew is the youngest child behind his big brother, Matthew, who happens to have a very big, out-going personality, Andrew tends to take a backseat to Matthew’s antics during interactions. […]

Children's Stuffies & Bonds & How Loved We Are

  Are there any little children in your life? Do they have something they cannot go to sleep (or live) without? Maybe it’s a blanket that’s tattered and full of holes. Maybe it’s a stuffed animal that doesn’t smell very good. Some people call these loveys, blankies, or stuffies.  Stuffies is a kind of new […]

Creating a Family Culture of Appreciation

The jar sits on our dinner table along with a stack of little slips of paper and a pen.  When I sit down at the table, alone or with others, my first thought is what I appreciate from that day.  I pause, pick up the pen and fill out a couple of pieces with a […]

Does It Bring Joy?

These last two months have been a crazy season of sickness for our family. One illness after another keeps taking us down, and usually a few at a time. Things seemed to be looking up until a week ago. Andrew (4) came down with a cough. Then Matthew (6) spiked a fever. Next Chris and […]

Rare Resource Brings Joy to the World

Life Model Works released a new resource this year, Rare Leadership: 4 Uncommon Habits that Increase Trust, Joy, and Engagement in the People You Lead.  The official launch took place at Annual Gathering 2016 in April and the book’s core teaching was the focal point. The entire conference is available on DVD. Dr. Jim Wilder of Life […]

Reset My Normal Negative Perspective on Life in 30-45 Days? Seriously?!

  This is the 4th Blog in the series, “Bringing Joy to the World,” highlighting how Life Model Works has positively impacted individuals, couples, families, churches, communities and the world in 2016!     In 21st century society, things move fast – I can message my friend in Uganda as quickly as if she were […]

This Stuff Really Works!

This is the 3rd Blog in the series, “Bringing Joy to the World,” highlighting how Life Model Works has positively impacted individuals, couples, families, churches, communities and the world in 2016!   This stuff really works! Initially I assumed that all this “brain science” stuff was just another form of Christian self-help that would likely […]

Bringing Joy to the World: Families

This is the 2nd Blog in the series, “Bringing Joy to the World,” highlighting how Life Model Works has positively impacted individuals, couples, families, churches, communities and the world in 2016! Duane Sherman is Acquisitions Editor of Strategic Partnerships at Moody Publishers. Today he shares part of his story and how Life Model has affected […]

Bringing Joy to the World: Marriages

Life Model Works has made significant impacts in key relationships this year, and the following testimony is proof that the Life Model brings joy to marriages! ————————————– Feeling trapped, my wife Vicki and I called Life Model counselor Conrad Beaulieu, who explained that progress in our low-joy relationship would require that a mutual friend join […]

Changing Our Low-Joy Nation

How is your joy level lately? Your gladness quotient? High? How is your shalom going? Everything alright or going to be alright in your world? Are you in synch with God and others? Well then, stay away from media, social media, and conversations with people around you. At least for the next few weeks. We […]

The Word…Moved into the Neighborhood

“The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” (John 1:14, The Message) My step-Dad has a beautiful picture book about Jesus’ life called He Was One of Us by artist Rien Poortvliet. I can stare at the faces for hours, paging through scenes of Mary, Nicodemus, Peter, the woman caught in adultery, and the crowds […]

Joyful Giving

When I was running my financial advisory firm we always gave a Christmas gift to our clients. In 2002 I gave them Kingdom Assignment, a book written by pastor Denny Bellesi and his wife Leesa, to motivate their church members to experience the joy of giving. The following Christmas I decided to try my own […]

The Overlooked Discipline of Having Fun

During a coaching session not too long ago, I received an unusual answer to the question “what do you want to work on today?” My client had worked on several leadership and discipline challenges and chose this day to respond “Scott, I don’t have any recreation in my life. I don’t do anything for fun.” He […]

Side Effects of a Relationship with Jesus

Back in 2007 when I first made my Facebook profile, I distinctly remember pausing a bit when I saw the “religion” options. I scrolled through them and felt like I didn’t really fit into any of those neat little categories anymore. I’m pretty sure I settled on “Christian/other” and then in the About Me section […]

Share Joy – Relational Skill #1

  It’s all about JOY. Every time I begin to work on my own relational skills, and every time I recommend a client to begin working on relational skills, I always start with Skill 1: Share Joy. Yes, there are 19 Relational Brain Skills that we can grow and master, but without Skill 1 the […]

Our Capacity for Joy Increases with Age

Let me get this out of the way immediately. This blog post is for those who are older. But if you are younger…it’s a clarion call to a future filled with joy. OK, let’s start with an important fact… We are all going to die. This is going to be joyful? That’s right, no matter what […]

Responding to What I Have Received

When you have something that’s helped you in your life personally, you can’t help but want to share it with others.  As I consider the role of volunteers with Life Model Works, a Bible verse comes to mind – Matthew 10:8, “Freely you have received, freely give.”  We grow through relationships with others who have […]

Joy-Plants Becoming an Invasive Species

On the bottom of my website, you will find a statement about my Life Coaching that says I “utilize philosophies from Life Model Works”. You will also discover the concepts of joy and relational skills woven through my entire business. Every client I meet with, every group I run- I am implementing, practicing, and teaching […]

Joyful Community: Is this another Utopian Dream?

What in the world is Life Model Works “Annual Gathering?’ It’s an event, an experience, an opportunity, to be in connected community with a group of people who are seeking to create more joy in the earth. Annual Gathering is a place to help individuals and organizations find, develop and maintain a secure identity rooted […]