Rare Resource Brings Joy to the World

Life Model Works released a new resource this year, Rare Leadership: 4 Uncommon Habits that Increase Trust, Joy, and Engagement in the People You Lead.  The official launch took place at Annual Gathering 2016 in April and the book’s core teaching was the focal point. The entire conference is available on DVD. Dr. Jim Wilder of Life Model Works co-authored the book with Dr. Marcus Warner of Deeper Walk International; both were keynote speakers at this year’s event.


In short, the book presents four habits of R.A.R.E. Leaders:

  1. They remain relational, keeping relationships bigger than problems
  2. They act like themselves, behaving consistently even when overwhelmed
  3. They have the ability to return to joy from the upsetting emotions of life
  4. They endure hardship well

These skills can be learned, in fact, programmed into your brain so you can become a #RareLeader, too!  And, these skills are rocking the leadership paradigm.  Zack Williamson is the Audience Development Manager at Moody Publishers and he reports:

“The concepts in RARE LEADERSHIP have been paradigm shifting, not only in my own personal life but colleagues as well. I’ve heard stories of team leaders taking their departments through the book, spouses drawing closer, pastors inspired, and ministry leaders seeing conflict management in an entirely new light. I’m so enthusiastic about this book, I’ve already bought it for numerous people, recommended it to many others, and even taught a workshop at a regional conference. It’s an eye-opener that I believe every leader needs to read in order to lead people effectively. Whether you are a parent or pastor, corporate leader or volunteer, this book will help you grow yourself as well as your organization.”

These concepts aren’t exclusive to leaders of churches or large corporations; Warner and Wilder indicate everyone should strive to develop these relational skills and reach these levels of emotional maturity.

While Annual Gathering 2016 launched this resource, Rare Leadership has been the focus of teaching at 1-Day City Events across the country, as well. As leaders learn and apply these skills, they increase trust, joy, and engagement in the people they lead. The result? A Rare Community where people are trustworthy, spread joy, and are genuinely involved in one another’s lives.


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