Good News: Jesus Lives to Give Us Joy

The story of the Jesus—God’s incarnation and crucifixion—is a story of our need for relational joy.

That’s according to Aron Crews, a student at Southern Adventist University. He wrote the letter below to share how Life Model Works has effected his life. He also shared a video he made to help spread this message during the recent Christmas season.

Hey Dr. Wilder,
I have been listening to your Munchies/JIM talks now for two years. I have read through Living With Men, Living From the Heart, am working on The Red Dragon Cast Down, and put together a Joy Starts Here group at my university last year.
God, in His providence, introduced me to your material at just the right time. As I was going through the toughest emotional time of my life, a friend spoke with me about some of the concepts of joy. I soon after watched your lectures on Joy Bonds, which got me pumped for all the other material there was. It really pieced things together for me. Since then, I have integrated these concepts into my daily practice and theological understanding.
I am in my senior year of undergraduate studies at Southern Adventist University where I am studying Theology and Education. One day I would love to invite you to my church or school to give a talk on joy! But that won’t be for a while probably.
Anyways, I just recently filmed a short video about joy with my friend’s video ministry– it’s called BOOMMINISTRIES. I thought I would send you a link to it, since it was you, to a large extent, who helped form my understanding of the significance of joy. I hope you enJOY!
Have a joyful New Years,
Aron Crews

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