Dr. Karl Lehman Addresses "How long does it take to get healed?"

The following comes from Dr. Karl Lehman’s upcoming Immanuel Approach. He addresses the question “How long does it take to get healed” in his Frequently Asked Questions. You can read more here.
The short answer is that this can be tremendously variable between different people with different healing agenda. A person with a phobia of driving that is linked to the traumatic memory for a single, recent car accident might resolve this single traumatic memory (and the associated phobia) in a single session. In contrast, a different person might come in with longstanding fears and dysfunctional reactions that are deeply anchored in thousands of traumatic memories that are spread out through her entire childhood. And these traumatic memories will probably be heavily guarded by long-practiced defenses. Furthermore, this person might have a much lower capacity. In this second scenario, the recipient might need to have regular Immanuel sessions for years – in order to build her capacity, to dismantle the blocking defenses, and to steadily shovel away at the huge pile of trauma.
Another part of the short answer is that we all have a lot more medium sized and minor trauma than we realize. When minor trauma is included in the consideration, I have never yet met a person that I perceived to have zero remaining trauma. If our goal is to fully resolve all of the medium sized and minor trauma, then we should embrace Immanuel approach emotional healing as a lifestyle that we expect to continue as long as we live.
For a more thorough discussion of this question, see the essay, “How Long Will it Take for Me to Be Healed?” on the “Resources” page of www.immanuelapproach.com.

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