God made me for attachment love
A forever bond that’s true
This helps me know my truest self
Someone sticks to me like glue
Into native love and peace I lean
And my circuits come online
All at once our thoughts are shared
They’re both human and Divine

In his new book Renovated, Dr. Jim Wilder makes a strong case for understanding salvation in Christ as a new love attachment to God. It’s time for the Christ-followers to embody more of the reality of what has been famously touted for decades – that “true Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship”. In God’s master plan, the attachment love we experience with Him also applies to our human relations. Sometimes people first experience God’s love through another human who represents Him to us. Sometimes people first experience God’s love more directly and then share in it with others. Ultimately, we need to know attachment love from both directions and which one comes first becomes a marvelous moot point! The Life Model provides both fresh perspectives and practical tools to this noble end. 

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