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This post captures one of his favorite Immanuel comments.
One of the fondest Immanuel stories I can recall is from one of my favorite activities – sitting on the couch, looking out my front window when I (and the dog) are the only ones in the house.
One particular episode seems to be one I have often.
I first sit and recall how merciful He has been to me. I recall His vastness and His wisdom, and I take as much time as I want just to sit and enjoy my life with Him. This alone makes the time worthwhile, but I know there is more.
When I have a clear sense of His presence, I ask what He would like to show me. Typical of me, I expect Him to either reveal to me something about Himself or something about my life I think He would like to change. But He starts off with Him telling me how very much He loves me. Here I was expecting something profound and grand, but I get something much more personal and passionate. I think I can get a feel of His feeling for me.
This just stops me in my tracks. I am smitten by His personal attention for me. And as I reflect, I realize that the most important thing I can know from or about God is His passionate Fatherly love for me. So I just sit and soak all this in. Whatever agenda I came with goes right out the window, and it just Him and me enjoying each other. It just fills me with joy, and I come away with a deeper sense and appreciation of His immense grace to me and mankind.
I come away at peace and filled with praise to Jesus my Lord. All the questions, concerns, and mysteries of life get distilled down to this simple yet profound thing – He loves me with a never-ending love, enabled and guaranteed by the cross and the empty tomb. And He will meet with me as He has met with others through His spirit in prayer and worship.

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