Joy Starts Here Online: Time is Running Out!

For the first time, Life Model Works is offering an exclusive Joy Starts Here Online Study Group.

The premise of our book Joy Starts Here is simple:
You can spread joy faster than pain.
You can restore broken relationships.
You can break free from cravings and addictions.
The only problem is, you can’t experience joy alone. You need other people to experience joy.
That’s why, beginning Monday, November 24, we’re hosting a Joy Starts Here online study group.

Over ten weeks, you will learn:

  • What joy REALLY is
  • Why so many Christians don’t have the thriving life Jesus promised
  • Tangible skills that will infuse your relationships with joy

Registrations now for only $100!
If you are interested in participating, but looking for another time, please email Kurt Smith.
Before you register, be sure you purchase a copy of Joy Starts Here! The Transformation Zone.

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