By Chris M. Coursey, THRIVEtoday President

Summertime is meant to be fun for our families. We play at swimming pools, soak in sunshine
at the beach, go camping, run outside, ride bikes, and more adventures. Summer means coming
up for air before school starts in the Fall.

Summer is officially in full swing. In the past week, my sons have hung out at the beach, played
in the park with friends, swam in pools and enjoyed a picnic with peers. As I write this my sons
are out for ice cream at the local ice cream parlor. Yet, if we aren’t careful, summer will fly by
too quickly leaving us left wondering where it went.

Summer is the ideal time to recharge our relational batteries. Some of us are thrilled to have
our kids home yet also completely maxed out as well. Here are three steps to maximize what’s
left of summer to keep joy levels high.

First, highlight what was meaningful from the day. Each person shares what brought joy and
peace. Here is the time to reflect on the day’s activities, share stories and think about special
moments from the day. This practice can be done daily, and works well at the dinner hour.
Second, mention several qualities you enjoy about each family member. We state where we
recently observed specific traits in action. Few things deepen the joy reserve like expressing
what we enjoy about each other. This can be done 2 or 3 times a week and is meaningful when
guests join the fun over a meal.

Third, discuss what each family member wants to see happen before summer ends. Here is an
opportunity to do something meaningful for each family member. My sons make lists of what
they hope to see happen throughout the summer. We all share our hopes. It’s fun to hear what
is important for each person.

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