Small Group Leaders: This Is Different

If you’ve been a small group leader, or a part of a small group, you know that they sometimes can be sort of hit-and-miss.

When it comes to to small group curriculum, some are engaging and inspiring. Others leave something to be desired.
What makes Joy Starts Here different from other small group studies your church has used?
Joy Starts Here uses a combination of exercises, Bible study and assessments designed to lead you and your group into what we call the “transformation zone”. This is a state where what you learn begins to change your life.
Here’s how it works:

  • Engage your brain with the Bible text using the Ambleside study method.
  • Build joy each week using brain training exercises.
  • Measure where you are on the attributes being studied as individuals and groups each week.
  • Compare texts from all parts of scripture (the Books of Moses, Prophets, Wisdom Literature, Gospels and Epistles) to identify major themes that run through all of Scripture.

Many studies seem focused specifically for those who are weak or those who are strong in their spiritual maturity and Bible knowledge. Joy Starts Here, on the other hand, is designed for the “weak and strong” to study together.
This small group study improves the way your brain relates to scripture, God and to others. You may have had some of these elements alone but combine them and you will have a group study like nothing you have had.
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