The Peace and Piece of God's Heart

My interactive relationship with Immanuel often involves quite a bit of right brain imagery. Sometimes it’s too difficult to separate what are my thoughts and his thoughts.
This “journey” is a good example of a mutual mind experience that I had with the Lord. The appreciation I feel for the work He did in my heart and my life during this Immanuel interaction is too great to describe in words.
From my journal 2/10/15:
Lord, I am yours. I invite you to ieaint on the canvas of my imagination and show me what you want me to see today.
I read this morning about a picture you gave someone else of a wildflower field full of wilted flowers that you can refresh and make beautiful as soon as they askIt reminded me of the vision of the wheat field you gave me years ago. I remember clearly the passion you had: the love and excitement you had over breathing on each single wheat bulb. I remember how warm I felt as you tenderly held that one piece in your hand and opened it up with your breath and touch.
Oh- the love and care on your face!!!
Such beauty! I can still see your face at that moment. It takes my breath away. I remember when I discovered that you were holding me in your hands- breathing onto me, and loving me with that beautiful face full of light. I could feel the bursting of life and joy within my heart- like fireworks- like waking from a deep forever sleep- like Snow White receiving the kiss from her prince.
Here I am today Jesus, still warmed in your hands- still amazed by the extent of your love and excitement about just one single wheat bulb in the field of millions.
This is my purpose. To sit in the palm of your hand and feel the warmth of your breath.
Jesus, what do you want to show me today?
I open the word to John 1:35-42…. When you first met, and named, Peter. I am reminded of when you gave me a new name- or rather a new middle name- of Hope.
I get the sense that you want to tell me my new 1st name. (I’ve never really paid attention to the fact that Hope was a middle name.) Hope is my 2nd name, which you gave me 1st.
I take your extended hand- we walk in the open mountain field together. You ask me to lay down- I lie in the soft grass- sweet grass- not prickly at all- it feels like satin. The blue sky above me has little, low, white, puffy clouds flying by in the wind. Not too fast, not too slow.
I feel almost like Adam about to be put to sleep to have a rib removed.
I’m not scared, though, I’m relaxed.
I see Jesus lying next to me, and the Holy Spirit is kneeling beside us (in a floaty sort of way)
I look for the Father- but the imagery feels forced…. Jesus, where is the Father?
The Father is the very mountain we are laying on. As the image in my mind zooms out I see we are little pieces lying on his heart. We aren’t just on his heart, though, we are in his heart.
We belong here.
My very essence is part of God’s heart. I don’t just carry Him with me; I am part of Him. I am not God- but I am a part of Him- I come from Him- I am like Him. The more I know about Him, the more I become who I am.
Earlier I thought I heard that my new name was “Peace”, but I dismissed it. Now I hear that I am a “Piece” of His heart. I belong there. I belong to Him. I belong in His love.
In Hebrew, “belongs” actually means “to be part of”.
Lael- the name for “belonging to God” was a Levite, Gershonite
I receive this name from you Lord, I am Lael Mikveh: Belongs to God, the Hope of Israel
It feels so good to belong to you! Such confidence in front of my hope!
Years ago when I received the name of Hope from the Lord it set me on a path of walking forward in a hope that remains today even in spite of situations that sometimes look hopeless. Today I am sailing forth in peace, knowing that I belong to an amazing, loving Father, who is perfectly capable of taking me wherever He wants me. I often hold onto both of these “names” that the Lord has given me as I continue on my journey of discovering the heart that Jesus gave me.
Without these Immanuel moments, I would still be lacking in hope and not fully confident that I belong to Him.

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