Things That Make You Go “Ahhhh”

I may be dating myself with this post but once a child of the 80’s, always a child of the 80’s. If you’re also a child of the 80’s you probably already heard a beat in your head when you read the title of this blogpost. Please accept my apologies if that song gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day!
Instead of thinking about things that make you suspicious, like the original song does, I’d like to help you write a new song that makes you think about things you appreciate! At Life Model Works, you hear a LOT of talk about appreciation. Appreciation is one of the most powerful things your brain can do. It can turn on your relational circuits, help you feel joy, help you feel shalom, help you connect with Immanuel, help you connect with others, help you spread joy to others, help others feel shalom, help others connect with Immanuel, and the list could go on and on.
Let’s get started with making our new song to make you go “ahhhh” as you remember things that make you feel appreciation!

Things that make you go ahhh

Things that make you go ahhh

The smell of honeysuckle on an evening summer walk.

Fireflies dancing around the back yard, and catching them with my kids.

Watching the birds as they nest outside my window.

Sitting together on the bed talking about life for hours.

Connecting with Immanuel during a worship song on a Sunday morning.

The greeting I receive from my dogs when I walk in the door.

Getting a “just because” card in the mail from a friend.

A smile from a stranger.

Watching the sun rise over the ocean in the arms of those I love.

Chatting with my husband while I make dinner.

Picking up someone you miss from the airport!

The song that comes on the radio confirming what you just heard from God earlier that day.

The sound of the lawnmower and the smell of freshly cut grass, knowing my husband works hard to make our yard look nice.

Late night quiet time in a rocking chair with my baby. (it’s been years but I still go “ahhhh” when I think of it!) Hot bubble baths with candles and soft music.

Watching the sun go down from a mountaintop with my daughter.

Singing in the car with the windows down.

Things that make you go ahhh

Things that make you go ahhh, ahhh, ahhh

Things that make you go ahhh

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