What if You Could Go Beyond Quiet Time? Here's How:

To say I’m excited about this year’s Annual Gathering is an understatement!

I don’t get as many chances to these attend intensive trainings. This upcoming Gathering is going to go a step farther than the last one I went to. It focuses on the Immanuel Lifestyle! And that’s something to get excited about for sure!
Not sure what an Immanuel lifestyle is?
To me, an Immanuel lifestyle takes a Christian from being in a “quiet time” relationship with God to an “all day” relationship with God.
I spent many years in a “quiet time” relationship with God and those years were fruitful. I learned a lot, spent time in His Word, and enjoyed my special place in the morning with my coffee, Bible, and journal.
Eventually, I started realizing that when I left that quiet time chair, I was leaving Jesus to sit there alone until the next time I visited with my coffee, Bible, and journal. Unfortunately, I was also leaving my access to His peace and shalom and joy as I went about my day.
Now don’t get me wrong, that quiet time relationship was where I learned to connect with Immanuel, and I received TONS of healing in that quiet time chair. But a few years ago, He started asking me to stay in touch with Him throughout my everyday life. He wanted to be with me at work, in the parent pickup line at my kid’s school, at the grocery store, and everywhere I went. Learning to connect with Him away from my quiet time chair hasn’t been an overnight or easy thing. As a matter of fact, I’m still growing in this process.
I know that I’ll be sure to learn even more about it at the Annual Gathering with Dr. Jim Wilder, Dr. Karl Lehman, Ed Khouri, & Chris Coursey!
See you there!

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