This month, we’re focusing on gratitude in anticipation of Thanksgiving. Gratitude brings us to a place of peace and shalom. This post is from our writer John Loppnow.
Interactive Gratitude
Father, I am grateful to have you.  To have you as my Father who grounds me in your love and goodness.  I feel my tiredness in my body and need you.
I need to know you are the one guiding me and forming me.  Help me to rest in the river of your life.  I don’t want to step outside of that.
My son John, thank you for coming to me this morning.  Even as you woke up I saw you returning to me with the prayer, “Have mercy on me O Lord.”  I hear you John.  
Tune into me and you’ll receive the comfort, guidance and friendship you desire.  I want the same. Lets spend the day together.
Jesus, it is a true honor to be a part of a group that shares our interactions with you with each other.  What a powerful place to be.  In the midst of your relationship with us.
I give thanks to you for planting the ideas in Jim & Karl.  Then, inspiring Sungshim to have her tenacious spirit in finding a way to make this accessible for anyone, especially the least of these.  Thank you so much.
Thank you for joining the parade of those who love me and want to be so close to me that they pause to rhyme their thinking with my thinking.  That deepens my existing joy for each one of you and all of you as a group.  I hope to see this spread.  Rhyme with me and I’ll guide you all.
Holy Spirit, I am so grateful for the way you bring people together.  And, this morning, I’m particularly thinking of a few mentors.  Some are more active and close like Edward (and Ruth).  We are now family.
You are so awesome!  And, for Jim & Bill.  I appreciate your reminders of your gifts and provisions.  You largely provide for us through your people.  I trust you in them.
Thank you for noticing my gifts to you and your family.  And, these gifts are meant for more than just you.  They are meant for my body. 
I want you to pause and think about how these gifts can be shared with the body that you have contact with.  This way my gifts will expand in a quantum way.  I have a great cloud of witnesses to cheer you on.

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