Grow With Us, An Update From Our Executive Director

by Ray Woolridge

We are Life Model Works:  Growing fearless people who live like Jesus.

Think about these four numbers:  500-30-1-82

How do you feel today?  Are you living in fear, or in peace? Let’s talk about fear a little bit. 

 What are you afraid of?  What am I afraid of? When it gets right down to it, I am most afraid of my own feelings of rejection and shame. 

When I am afraid, I can overwhelm others with big emotions.  Normally when afraid, I will try to figure out on my own what to do, and then inform those around me of what the “new plan” was.  This is a recipe for stress, not peace.  This breeds disconnection to others, not relational connection. 

Can you relate?  How is this working for you?

It has not brought peace to my life.  I have discovered in recent years:

  • My tendency to overwhelm others.
  • How I am often an anxious presence full of nervous energy. 
  • How my family and my Army training taught me to “figure it out” and that taught me that waiting and resting was not what you do. 

As I am healing from my life’s wounds and pains, I am finding hope.  My family and community are helping me by modeling how we people respond when we are motivated by fear. 

What am I learning?

  • What overwhelm looks like in others, by noticing the “tell” in their bodies, which is usually on their face
  • How to quiet my body, when my sympathetic nervous system is running on overdrive
  • Making this question common every day “Jesus, what do you want me to notice about how my body is feeling right now?”
  • Passing along the peace I am getting from Jesus to others around me.

Now, back to those four numbers

Did you know:

500: Over the past two years, Life Model Study Groups have engaged more than 500 people.  They are learning how to live and spread the Life Model.  New groups will form in August for the fall term.

30: Life Model Leader’s Collectives began meeting last fall.  30 high-capacity leaders are meeting with our team every other week and getting equipped as fearless leaders who love like Jesus.

1: Our #1 biggest event this year is the TRANSFORM 2022 Online Conference, on September 15-16.  Sign up today here

82: Life Model Works is supported by around 82 monthly Life Model Partners who give every month and help us live and spread the Life Model.  More than 35% of our annual budget is provided by generous donors like these. 

Please join and help us spread the Life Model to the world.

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