Dear Lord: An Immanuel Reflection from Dr. Jim Wilder

All throughout November, we’re focusing on Appreciation by sharing Immanuel Reflections from the Life Model Team and friends. Learn how to develop an approach to Immanuel Journaling here.
Dear Lord:
I thank you that I am not like other men or that publican over there! Somehow that pops in my mind when I sit down to thank you. I was going to thank you for the beautiful color in the trees of the Blue Ridge Mountains as I flew home after the conference. Looking out the window, your color and creativity make me want to take in your beauty forever.
My Son:
There will be time for that. You see the beauty and glory in dying leaves that soon fall as the bareness of winter approaches. You love the bright greens of spring and the ice crystals on cold days. Rarely do you see the beauty that is in you as you fear falling. You feel too young and fragile to be much use when your ideas emerge as a spring leaf. I still enjoy you even when your branches are bare and ice provides the only glint of beauty. Ponder that I see beauty in you as you see it in my works. We like and enjoy each other!

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