What disaster are you facing today?  We have all been shaken by news of another war and the painful images of displaced people fleeing for their lives.  While you may not be facing a disaster today, know this: the time to prepare for disaster is BEFORE it happens. 

This is true for every human being:  We all face disaster, and we will all suffer in this life. 

The same month I learned I had been chosen to be promoted to be an Army general, was the month my doctor informed me that cancer had returned and was very serious.  That month I heard BOTH “Congratulations” AND “you have malignant melanoma and will need more surgery and chemotherapy!”

I didn’t have the tools I needed then.  I muddled through the best I could with the loving help of my wife, family, and community.  Passing the Peace is what I wish I had known then.  This resource is changing lives around the world. 

Here are some helpful prompts following disaster that can help you get back to peace:

  • What is my body feeling?  Pay attention to your body.
  • How can I quiet myself and return to joy? Learn to quiet yourself alone and with others.
  • What am I thankful for? Build a catalog of joy memories. 
  • Ask Jesus, “What do you want me to notice about this?”
  • Listen to His answer.

Many years ago, Life Model Works developed a tremendous tool, Passing the Peace.  We have it in our store, and we are also making it available to those impacted by manmade and natural disasters worldwide.  Passing the Peace teaches to pay attention to your body, connect with someone who loves you and ask Jesus what you should notice. 

Life Model Works took the wisdom of Passing the Peace and deployed the Peace App.  The Peace App is available in 50+ languages.  Look PeaceApp – Life Model Works and select the language you need.  If we don’t have your language, let us know. 

One more thing.  It helps to have an example. Two years ago, our world was locked down because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Life Model Works asked some of our friends to demonstrate Passing the Peace.  Here are two examples from our YouTube channel that will help you make this practice part of your life.  We have many more there:

Passing the Peace with Amy Brown:  https://youtu.be/2kqJlirf5MY

Passing the Peace with John Loppnow:  https://youtu.be/9isx65ESwWs

Peace and Joy to you,

Ray Woolridge

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