It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. A time to throw a log on the fire and have family close by.

Here is a touching story of how one family enjoys the feelings many associate with Christmas more often because of their connection with Life Model Works.

When it comes to appreciating and enjoying life, Dr. Jim Wilder and his Life Model Team have taught us more than we’ve learned from any other source, including an entire Ph.D. program in clinical psychology.

In our 30+ years of marriage, Thrive training has been the best thing we’ve ever found to help us grow closer together through good times and bad. We laugh a lot more now and we recover more quickly when things go wrong. We hope and pray that our donations will help more people to be able to discover the life-giving power of Thrive.”

—Drs. Karen and Dan Struble
If you’ve seen Life Model Works make a difference, please consider joining the Strubles in paying it forward.
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