You Are the Method God Will Use to Bring Hope

Jesus heals people, and not just their bodies.

When Jesus healed the son of a Roman official in John 4, he renewed hope for a broken family.
When Jesus healed a man’s leprosy in Matthew 8, he also restored the hope that the man could return to his community.
When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, Mary and Martha found a hope more powerful than death.
The job of the church is to carry on Jesus ministry of hope. Life Model Works is passionate about equipping churches to do just that.
Consider Jackie’s story. Jackie had been a passionate believer her entire life. However, “after years of serving, leading and studying I still felt deeply lonely.

At 30 a Christian Psycologist gave me the Life Model book and my life has never been the same!

I finally had names for my problems: I had low joy levels, many of my relationships were fear bonded, and I still had a long way to go to mature. I had prayed to Christ for joy and maturity for over 15 years! After reading The Life Model the mystery was gone. I finally had concrete steps that I could take to grow.

For 16 years I served as a Church Planter in a foreign country. The Life Model became my principle source for discipleship.

We live and work in the country with the highest depression and suicide rates in all of the Americas. We have founded a training center and would hope to see the Life Model Works concepts used to change our entire nation.

Jackie has found hope. Now she plants churches that spread hope.
The world needs more Churches that bring hope and healing to their communities.
When you partner with Life Model Works, you empower us to create resources and opportunities for churches to bring hope to the world.
Will you join us in this mission of hope?
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