God is with us:
You designed me from the start
My life you had planned
You have always been with me
Though I didn’t see Your hand
God is for us:
Then one day You intervened
My trust to Christ I gave
Now that we are reconciled
My whole life You will save
God is within us:
The greatest secret of them all
Too often is passed by
Within me you delight to live
And trust outweighs my try

Preachers have often noted that we belong to God twice – once by Creation and once again by Redemption. The Life Model books and teachings often refer to Jesus as Immanuel (God with us). Coming to know that Jesus was “with us” before we were with Him, is a great source of comfort and inspiration to Christ-lovers. And beyond this, the New Covenant has provided a way for ordinary folks like us to actually be inhabited by the Trinity. God has made His home in human beings, in spite of our imperfections, and we find our true home in Him. If there is a “secret” to the Christian life, how about the stunning reality that God lives, not only above and beyond us, but also inside of us!

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