It feels like our imperfections 
Would turn our God’s face away
To be mostly disappointed in us
‘Cause our weaknesses get in His way
Men's traditions have taught us to fear God
In ways that have twisted the truth
And kept us from bonding securely
In His love for which there’s ample proof
God has a much different perspective
He knows that our frame is but dust
For us to become more like Jesus
Attachment in love is a must

Dr. Jim Wilder, the founder and thought leader of Life Model Works, has posed a question that I think we who love God and the Scriptures should consider. It emerges out of his Bible study and his study of neuroscience. (Isn’t it easy to imagine that when we see the Lord face to face, that we will discover that He actually was/is the ingenious Author of all true science?) Here’s the essence of the question: Since we know now that the basic yearning for loving attachment is the most powerful motivational force in the human brain, would God bypass it to transform us into the image of His Son, or instead, utilize it in the process? Ironically, a little bit of deeper biblical research and observation actually provides the answer. The Life Model begins with an understanding of how Jesus wants to minister to and regulate the deeply embedded and powerful attachment center of our brains and synchronize it with the higher levels of the master control center for optimizing our whole brains. The renewing of our minds may be more literal than we’ve ever imagined!

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