Recap: Keeping Our Relational Circuits Running

On day 3 of the Annual Gathering, we had the pleasure to feature Dr. Karl Lehman and his wife, Charlotte.

Dr. Lehman and his wife are beloved in Chicagoland and beyond for their work in developing and teaching the Immanuel Process.
Karl and Charlotte described their experience in marriage with “relational circuits.” Their basic premise is that men and women are not always ready and able to connect with God or others. The good news is that this is a skill that anyone can develop.
a couple and their children
It was a very vulnerable session. They honestly shared how despite their knowledge of how relational circuits, how they have struggled with “triggering” each other and learning how to navigate the other’s triggers.
struggling relations
The session was a great reminder that the joy of relationships, in life, marriage, and with Immanuel is something we cultivate. It takes time, effort, patience and empathy. The good news is that God is with us, and an Immanuel Lifestyle is available to everyone.

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