Special Year End Call You Won't Want to Miss

People like you are the reason Life Model Works is spreading joy throughout the world!
Because of you, we’ve brought the Joy Starts Here! Conference to eight cities, brought joy to help married couples at Joy Rekindled marriage retreats, provided in-depth training at two incredible Thrive events and were even able to send Jim Wilder, Ed Khouri and Karl Lehman to train leaders throughout Asia.
If you have already given, thank you!
If you haven’t given yet, it’s not too late!

Special Appreciation Call with Jim Wilder

We have two special gifts for our monthly donors and those who have given $500 or more this year. Anyone who donates before the end of 2015 will be invited! (If you are making your gift now and doing so by check, please email kimberlyrigsby@lifemodelworks.org to be included.)
In order to receive an invitation to the call, your gift must be received by today, December 29.
Life Model Works founder Jim Wilder and CEO Jim Martini will host a special webinar on December 30th. During this exclusive webinar, you are encouraged to ask questions and share a story of gratitude about Life Model Works.
As a special gift, we would like to share the first chapter of RARE Leadership: Four Uncommon Habits for Increasing Trust, Joy and Engagement in the People You Lead, the new book from Jim Wilder and Marcus Warner.
Your gifts spread joy to the world. Thank you!

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