Taking My Healing to the Next Level

Healing is a process. At times it can be hard to assess where we are in the journey and what the next step should be. Dr. Jim Wilder provides fresh perspective with these words of wisdom.
Forty years in the healing profession have shown me the three hardest things to heal are 3) attachment, 2) trust and 1) specialness. Years after traumas are resolved, losses are overcome and maturity skills are learned, people continue to have trouble connecting well, trusting others more than they trust their own feelings and with feelings of being special. Let’s look at this deepest wound a moment.
In spite of all the healing we may receive and how well we come to understand that God loves us, the ultimate expression of healing is evangelism. Did I suddenly turn a corner too quickly? Weren’t we talking about my healing and suddenly we are on evangelism? What does evangelism have to do with my healing or my feeling special?
There is a paradox about feeling special, in that we need to receive some sense of being special to start the process but there is something more.
Feeling special flows from being a source of life to others and not from something we receive.
I have watched people spend decades trying to get a breakthrough in healing that would make them finally feel special. Now the word in Scripture for feeling special is “grace,” we receive “grace.” You may then ask, “if we have all received grace why are we still struggling to feel special?” When we spiritualize grace to merely mean we will not be seen according to our sins, we miss the point that we are very special to God.
Another part of it is that we compare ourselves and we think special comes from performance, personality or appearance. But special comes from closeness – babies are most special because they are ours – that is we were the source of their lives and their life is the same as our own.
Here we discover the actual way to feel special is to be family with God and express that family resemblance by being the source of life to others. Evangelism is the Biblical word for bringing life and good news to others. Evangelism is being the source of life to others. When we watch others come to life, we really begin to feel special.
So, the goal of all healing is to bring about evangelism.  Are you there?
Rare Community may not seem to be about healing because it is about being the source of life to others around you. If you have thought to yourself, “Rare Community is not about me, I am working on my healing,” it is time to think about this again!
Bringing life to your community takes your healing to a whole new level.
Being the source of something good and life-giving makes grace flow through you. When we help others discover they are special it heals the deepest soul wound we have. Healing is not complete until it produces evangelism.
Join me at Annual Gathering, because Rare Community is about taking your healing to the next level.

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