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Thrive Completely Changes Lives

In one week at Thrive, you’ll have the chance to dig deep into the most crucial (and often, most overlooked) skills for life! You and a bonded partner will spend one week practicing key relationship skills based drawn from brain science and scripture.
Gerry and Karen, were fighting constantly before attending Thrive. They still have difficult moments, but they don’t go on for days anymore. They can talk about things that used to be, “too hot to handle.” When ruptures does happen, they recover quickly. They are learning to become their unique persons who can now have adult level relationships. (Read their whole story here.)
Barb attended Thrive. She was sure people would be able to see the shame and guilt that weighed her down and she was unable to look at anyone. By the end of the week, people were commenting on how different Barb was. (Read Barb’s touching story here.)
Thrive takes place on February 22nd-26th
Prices go up January 8. Don’t wait to register!

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