Use This for More Joy…again and again and again!

The following was written by Doug Morgan, a longtime friend of Life Model Works, about his personal experience with Joyful Journey.

I just finished reading Joyful Journey – Listening to Immanuel.  It is wonderful!

If you have not read it yet, start today! If you read one chapter per day, you’ll finish it in a week. Your prize is a soothing and reflective way to bring shalom into your life!

It leaves you wanting to read it again. If you think you don’t have the time, check your priorities.

Joyful Journey is engaging from the very first sentence. It’s readable and very instructive. It teaches a very important practice in the Immanuel lifestyle: how to personally develop your awareness of God’s presence in your thoughts and actions. Not only that, but it also will guide you in how to mentor others in the same. The end result is  the skills you need to build a community that can experience shalom.

Joyful Journey does not read like a manual or a “how to” book. There are no long lists, graphs and tables or a conference to attend. That is not its purpose.

Instead, it is focused on a simple technique. This is a practice, a life-style skill. It encompasses many of the basic approaches of Life Model Works basics without the in-depth details.

It is clear, uncomplicated and direct. It’s full of personal experiences and some drama to which you can relate. You read it and say, “Wow! I get it. That’s cool!”

Jim, Anna Kang, John and Sungshim Loppnow, the authors, did an excellent job bringing into practice some fundamental concepts of Life Model Works without making the process complex.

What gripped me more, though, is that I feel that I can give the booklet to almost anyone remotely interested and they would get something to take away for daily use. This is a great introduction to LMW because it is experiential, giving people a taste of the Immanuel lifestyle, without much ado.

This book provides an experience with God that draws people into greater desire for the Immanuel Life Style. My wife Wanda and I plan to gift it to everyone we sponsor to come to LMW events, and to many others who we think would come or benefit.

Thanks to God for making all things possible!

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