A Wilder Mission Trip: Update

The effort to bring peace to Syrian refugees and their children has reached the halfway point!
Dr. Jim and Kitty Wilder are bringing the good news to three cities in Germany to share the Immanuel prayer process with more than 70 missionaries, lay church ministers, and relief workers. This is an amazing opportunity to bring peace and joy to thousands of Syrian refugees seeking safety in Germany’s borders. They are providing some reports from the field in Germany so you can have the opportunity to see the developing work and understand how you can still support this cause as it happens!

“We have arrived in Germany…We drove to the town of Gelnhausen where we are now and you can see a picture out of our hotel balcony…
The training this evening was from 6:30 – 9:30p.m., and was on Immanuel Journaling. There were about 29 people in attendance who work with the Syrian refugees. Tomorrow there are expected to be more people coming and it will go from 10 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. We will cover the One-on-One Immanuel Process. Here is a picture of Jim teaching next to the translator.
The training today was on Group Immanuel process. Since we are training them to work with the Syrian refugees (Muslim culture), I’ll take the women and Jim will take the men to do some of the Group process, because in the Muslim culture the women are kept separate from the men.
Trainings in Berlin are happening in the evenings. In the first class Jim laid the groundwork for teaching about the Immanuel Process and then began having them do the Immanuel Journaling. In this picture, Jim is teaching with Pastor Martin, also acting as the translator.
Tonight we’ll demonstrate the one- on-one Immanuel Process and then have them work in groups of three so they can have a turn at being the leader, the recipient or the observer. Then we’ll finish up with the Group Immanuel process on Tuesday. Wednesday evening is open yet as to whether they want more teaching or time to ask questions. After this they should be equipped to help guide others through seeing where Jesus is in their trauma and what He wants them to know about the situation.
Last night at class there were a few more people. It is quite exciting to see the people sharing what they learned the first night and inviting more to come and learn this material. One man had his friend do the Immanuel
Journaling with him and he liked it so well he wanted to come and meet us and learn more. Another woman was so excited about this material that she brought her husband along. This is also one of the first times to have the pastor learning and staying involved. What an encouragement to us. In class this evening they said they want to do more practice tomorrow, so we’ll meet again tomorrow evening.



1. PLEASE PRAY…for health, safety and wisdom for Dr. Jim & Kitty Wilder. Ask God to make them effectual in training those who will work alongside the Syrian Refugees. Also, they will be making their way into a Syrian Refugee camp in the next few days, pray for immediate opportunities to pass the peace!

2. PLEASE GIVE…consider making a donation to help us get this trip fully funded. The total need to fund this mission trip is $27,000 and some generous donations have been made, but we still need a little more than $15,000 to reach our goal. You can read more about the entire mission trip and make a donation here.

Thank you for your interest, your prayer support and your donations!

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