We were first introduced to the Life Model in 2006, by Karl Lehman, and attended our first Thrive Training in 2007. Thrive Training and many of the other Life Model resources we have used have been very beneficial to our individual growth and healing, as well as to our marriage. We have also witnessed over and over similar benefits to the lives of others in our community.
We decided to support Life Model Works—the organization that promotes the teaching and practice of the Life Model—with both our time and finances because we strongly believe that the world needs the message and training this organization provides.
The Life Model is a unique integration of Christian principles and brain science, which results in practical training for spiritual and emotional growth for both normal development and redemptive healing when things in life have gone wrong.
We love that the Life Model provides a guide to how to create a family and a community environment that best supports the development of a child into a mature, Christ-focused adult.
This model also provides a non-judgmental way to understand how neglect and trauma stunt this process and provides a road to move past these negative events to become the person God has intended. It is our heart to support this group of like-minded people who are engaged in equipping Christian organizations to create communities that transform God’s people to become more like His son Jesus.
So, it is out of our own gratitude for how the Lord has used Life Model Works in our lives and our desire to share this blessing with as many people as we can that has led us to support this blessed organization.
Have you benefitted from the life Model? Do you also believe the world needs what the Life Model provides?
Would you join the Morgan’s and begin supporting Life Model Works? Click here to start spreading the joy today!
Douglas W. Morgan, Ph.D. is a retired Clinical Pharmacologist. He is currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shepherds House.
Wanda K. Morgan, Ph.D. is a retired Psychologist who spent 35 years in private practice.  She currently teaches Life Model concepts to various ministries such as Youth With A Mission, provides trauma healing training, and applications of Life Model Principles to parenting.

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