Immanuel Interactions to Springboard Your Day

Continuing our November series about gratitude and appreciation, enjoy this post about Immanuel Interaction from Life Model Works volunteer Wendy Winpigler.


Gratitude to God:  
I am grateful for my religious freedoms.  I’ve always had them and what a gift.  It’s all I’ve ever known.  It’s like a mini taste of what being in your presence will be like.  

Thank you Immanuel.  I feel so blessed to have experienced you in my life in freedom.  It’s an incredible gift I will always cherish.

Gratitude from God to me:
You only taste smidgens of my gifts now.  I  can’t wait till you are in my presence enjoying my fulness completely.  I am blessed to hear you enjoy my gifts.  You are seeing only a preview.  

My appreciation to God:
I appreciate having a home I can open and share with others.  I appreciate the fall like weather with the cool air and plants and trees making ready to sleep to make new in the spring.  I appreciate life with all its movement and surprise.  There are no two days a like.  

Immanuel’s appreciation to me:
I appreciate your love for me.  I appreciate how you are living and unfolding your story.  I appreciate how you seek me and delight in honoring me above all else.

Immanuel to me:  I see how life feels like your at a stand still waiting for;  your not sure.  I see how you keep coming and asking.  I see your curiosity and anticipation of where you might end living, working and being.  I see you seeking me.  

Immanuel to me:  I hear your concern.  I know it feels like you are on the edge and potentially dangerous.  I hear you double guessing yourself.  I hear your concerns.  I hear your fears.

Immanuel to me:  I understand it feels weird, lonely, out of sync, dangerous and crazy.  I understand the level of pressure and patience this stage requires.  I know it feels awkward.  Like you’ve had the wind knocked out of your sales and you wonder if you will ever catch your breath.

Immanuel to me:  I am glad to be with you.  I am sitting by your side in the boat looking at the glassy water and the sails that hang without any wind to move them.  I’m here right by your side.  It’s great to rest a while together.

Immanuel to me:  I want to give you a time of rest, peace, bonding and fun.  It’s okay to take the time and play.  Enjoy life.  Enjoy people.  Live.

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