Recap: How Life Model Works is Already Changing the World

On the second day of the Annual Gathering, Misa Leonessa delivered an inspiring update, detailing some of the incredible ways God is already working through Life Model Works. Here’s what she shared:

What would Jesus care most about if He visited us in the flesh today? I wonder what He might write on Facebook. What would His Linkedin biography say is most important to Him? I have a hunch it would have something to do with relationships.
Jesus healed people through relationships. People wanted to be with Him because HE was glad to be with THEM!

  • Jesus crouches down on the ground and looks the adulterous woman in the eyes. His face is alight with love and understanding. “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.” At that moment, I wonder if she developed a bond of joy with the Son of God.
  • What transpired when Jesus looked at Peter and invited him to become His disciple? He dropped his nets and left all he knew to follow a man he barely knew. What kind of bond produced the willingness of Peter to step out onto the water and, eventually, die on a cross upside down for this Man he loved?

When Jesus sat next to the well with the woman from Samaria, did He have a smile on His face as He told her about living water? Was there acceptance and compassion in his eyes as He talked about her failed love life? What about this brief encounter with Him caused her to run off and tell everyone about it? His love changed her.
The Fall deeply impacts our ability to create strong bonds with one another. Jesus knows that His perfect design for joyful community has not been fulfilled in our families, churches, schools, and businesses. When He created us, it was for the express purpose of being connected to Him and one another in deep, life-giving ways.
Everything He has ever done in history has been with the goal to bring us back into secure attachment to His heart. He made us to live in safe, soul-thriving community, and it saddens His heart to see the wounds that keep us from Him and each other.
Above all, it is God’s heart for us to thrive- to be deeply connected in love and joy, to rejoice and weep together and invite Him into the middle of it all.
When we look at the world around us, and maybe even in our own lives, we often find just the opposite. We suffer alone and learn to do what we must to survive. We turn to addictions, broken relationships, and self-protective ways to fill the longing, empty spaces inside. The desires of our hearts seem hopelessly thwarted without safe, authentic communities to which we can belong.
But the good news is, beloved, that God is changing the world, one joyful relationship at a time!
And you and I are richly blessed to be sitting smack dab in the middle of that movement. And the shockwaves are about reverberating in astounding ways.
Life Model Works has begun to create those waves. Using the 19 brain skills we have developed, people are learning to create that life-giving, joyful community. People are being trained to forge joyful connections with spouses, children, friends, and faith communities. Marriages are being healed. New ways of walking with the broken are being forged. Communities are becoming transformed. Jesus is breathing life into His wounded church and takes great joy in the growing capacity to receive His love and love Him in return. This work is at the very core of Jesus’ heart for His bride.
As Jim Martini said, God has a dream. Because He lives in perfect relationship, His desire is for us to learn to love the way He loves. YOU can be part of the realization of God’s dream:

  • Help strengthens the marriages in churches and communities all over the U.S.
  • Watch the next generation be raised with secure, joyful bonds
  • See individuals being set free from severe trauma and lead thriving lives
  • Help create new healing environments for teens who have never experienced secure attachment
  • Keep missionaries on the field by strengthening their marriages and family bonds
  • Equip missionaries to spread joy, maturity and wholeness around the world.

We are watching the beginning of a radical revolution of joy in the U.S. and around the world through Life Model Works! We need your help to propel the joy into every church and living room, every business and board room, and throughout the rest of the world.
Would you please consider joining us with a monthly donation of $10 or more? If everyone whose lives have been touched by the training, books, and conferences we produce, we would be able to fuel this joy revolution throughout the U.S. and abroad. If you are unable to make a monthly commitment, consider a one-time gift. Even $20 would help. Many hands make the work light!

  • Imagine churches becoming joyful centers of a healthy community!
  • Envision families are passing on skills to create secure attachments from one generation to another!
  • Visualize missionaries reaching full relational and spiritual maturity so they can thrive in their ministries!
  • You can help make all of this happen when you support Life Model Works.

Together we can change the world.

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