Recap: Limited Time Pricing for Connexus Available NOW!

On day two of the Annual Gathering, we made a special announcement. We believe it has the power to transform churches around the world.

The fact is, the world doesn’t need more churches.
It needs the body of Christ to spread his joy around the world.
Connexus is a 24 week program combining scripture, spiritual formation and science to convert your congregation into a force for transformation. It teaches congregations to experience and spread the joy of the gospel.
happy people
Sherry Carlstrom, relationship Manager for Life Model Works announced that for a limited time only, we are offering a special package for each Connexus module—Restarting, Forming and Belonging—at a significant discount. Each package includes:

  • Connexus License
  • Video Training
  • Facilitator Workbook
  • Ten Participant Workbooks

The normal cost of each package is $1,148.50, but if you purchase before June 30, it’s only $499,

Struggling to experience joy? Connexus: Restarting will teach you brain-based relational skills that bring you closer to God and others.

Order Connexus: Restarting Now!

Already full of joy? Connexus: Forming will guide you through grounding your joy in an interactive and healing relationship with God.

Order Connexus: Forming Now!

Finally, these two groups will unite for Connexus: Belonging, where they will learn how to be a joy-filled force for transformation.

Order Connexus: Belonging Now!

Want the whole set? It normally costs $3,445. If you purchase now, you receive the ENTIRE package today for only $1,299.

Get the entire Connexus Package Today!

This special pricing ends on June 30.

Don’t wait.

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