Recap: Meet the Authors of Joyful Journey

The 2015 Annual Gathering is well under way.

The first day was a huge announcement! We finally released our latest book, Joyful Journey (available now, in print and digital!)

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joyful journey book cover
There was palpable excitement as the doors opened. People ran in from the rainy Chicago weather, in order to head straight for the bookstore. Books sold faster than volunteers could stock them!

The bulk of the day was spent learning from the authors, Dr. Jim Wilder, Anna Kang, John Loppnow and Sungshim Loppnow. The book introduces an innovative approach to connecting with God in prayer.
Dr. Jim Wilder, Anna Kang, John Loppnow and Sungshim Loppnow
For years now, thousands of people have been using The Immanuel Approach, a guided prayer technique that helps the listener hear God’s caring, empathetic voice. However, this approach requires a trained facilitator. Joyful Journey provides instruction in Immanuel Journaling, a prayer process that can be used individually and in community.

Immanuel Journaling
The result is life changing! Through practicing interactive gratitude and listening for God’s voice, relationships are transformed.
Immanuel Journaling, the process detailed in Joyful Journey will help you hear God say:

I see you.
I hear you.
I understand how big it is.
I am glad to be with you.
I can do something about it.

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