The first day of the Annual Gathering reached an emotional peak with an impassioned plea from Life Model Works CEO Jim Martini.
Martini introduced himself by sharing his personal history with the Life Model. He told of how the approach had helped him develop as a man and connect deeply with his son.
He also described why Life Model needs a CEO. Over the years, great tools have been developed, and lives have been changed. Ideas like “Immanuel Prayer” and the Life Model theories of maturity have been spread through numerous individuals and brands with different goals. Jim has been working hard to bring all of this effort together under a single dream.
Here’s how he described it:
Over the centuries, the church has always stepped in during the moments of greatest crisis. When the need was healthcare, the church built hospitals. Today, with the level of trauma and the disconnecting nature of digital technology, the greatest need is relational skills. The 19 skills developed and taught by Life Model are a powerful solution to this problem.
The dream is this: that the Church will be God’s means of spreading joy faster than pain.
Will you help life model accomplish this dream? Stay tuned for our upcoming recaps, where we’ll share about the opportunity to partner together.

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