We have all seen how leadership can make or break a great organization.

What makes a leader great? What makes a leader particularly Jesus-like? How can a leader avoid burnout, or worse?
We believe the key lies in leaders’s relational skills. Life Model Works’ Dr. Jim Wilderand Marcus Warner of Deeper Walk Ministries are writing a book on just this topic, but they need your help!
Have you ever worked with a leader who had great relational skills?
Have you developed and improved your own relational skills to become a better leader?
Have you experienced the difficulty of a leader without strong relational skills?
We want to learn from you, and include your ideas in our upcoming book on leadership.
Join us for our special bonus Roundtable Joysteam, “Leadership Brainstorming Session” on August 11 at 1pm Pacific.
We can’t wait to learn from you!

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