Tuesday: The Joy of Education Roundtable Discussion

Tuesday, we’ll continue our discussion of how to go back to school with joy!

“School” at least, how we do it today, isn’t for everyone.
But education should be.
Join us Tuesday, August 18 at Noon PST for Education: The Art of Bringing Up Children of Any Age, a Roundtable discussion with Dr. Bill St. Cyr, Executive Director of Ambleside Schools International.
Dr. St. Cyr has dedicated his career as youth minister, pastor and school co-founder to helping people of all ages maturity in a way that reflects the image of Jesus. During the Roundtable you will discuss the meaning, purpose and tools of education, such as:

  • The Emotional/Relational Atmosphere
  • The Intentional Formation of Habit
  • The Power of Ideas

This is an essential conversation for anyone who wants to learn, grow and mature into the image of Christ!

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