"We Want to Bring Joy to Our Church"

Conrad Beaulieu volunteers with Life Model Works to help manage our marketing. When we asked the volunteers and staff of Life Model Works why they will be at the 2015 Annual Gathering, here’s what he said:

Sharing Joy and the Immanuel Approach are a revolutionary and effective means to change ourselves and the culture of our circles of influence. I and my wife are attending the conference because these are our people. They are glad to see me, they are genuinely interested in my welfare and want to do life together.
Every conference brings new, deeper and sometimes simpler ways of applying powerful training. The teachers energize us in our ministry circles. Our joy strength has become obvious to people in our church and ministry training circle as we practice the joy building exercises.
We now use the Immanuel Approach as a regular part of most every ministry session. We also use the Immanuel Approach in informal gatherings or over the phone knowing that God, Immanuel, speaks to us. We have found that giving people permission and space to hear from God opens up the possibility to make prayer real. We find that this regular practice is changing people’s belief system and way of life. We and our people Thrive.
We want to bring joy to our church. We want to learn how to describe and incorporate sustainable joy and the Immanuel Approach better.
We have attended a number of previous annual events and loved the variety of topics and perspectives. The speakers always have considerable real-life experience applying their teaching in various circles and globally.
We now invite other people we know to this and other Life Model Works events because of the significant changes they do see in their lives afterwards. The lives the whole families, their circle of friends and their communities begin a reformation process using new relational skills and living faith. We see real results as we are encouraged by those that love us and create a high joy environment.
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