What is one thing that everyone deals with? (but doesn't want to)

What do most people don’t feel like they have enough of?
What gets in the way of relationships with between couples, friends and even God?
This is a subject you probably don’t want to talk about it, either.
Which is funny…because the Bible talks about it—a lot.
You’ve probably guessed the topic: Money.
Money is an undeniable part of everyone’s life, and it’s all over scripture. But God’s understanding of money is different than most people.
God is not driven by greed or scarcity. God is not a capitalist or a communist.
God is working out of a different “economy” altogether.

The Other Economy

Boring, or even disturbing Bible topics, such as tithes, offerings, harvesting laws, the jubilee and even slalvery, give us a clue into how God’s economy works. Jesus’ teaching more overt teachings about lillies, birds and crashing houses reveal that God’s economy operates differently than man’s economies.
Are you tired of feeling at the mercy of your bank account?
Do you hate hearing your church talk about giving?
Are you sick of feeling guilty about the money you do (or don’t) have?
Are you tired of feeling guilty or conflicted if you have money and are gifted at business?
If so, join Dr. Jim Wilder for a liberating exploration that will revolutionize your understanding of money.
Register today for our online seminar “God, Money, and Giving” on July 7 at 12 Eastern Time.

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